General Regulation
  • Requirements of application

    Requirements of application

  • Requirements of Entries

    Requirements of Entries

  • Categories of works

    Categories of works

  • Settings of awards

    Settings of awards

  • Reviews of awards

    Reviews of awards

  • Exhibition and promotion

    Exhibition and promotion

  • Relevant Matters

    Relevant Matters

  • Working rules of the Jury Committee

    Working rules of the Jury Committee

There are three ways to apply: invitation by the Organizing Committee, recommendation by professionals or organizations, and self recommended application.
Application Condition
 1. In addition to the invitation of the Organizing Committee, professional design institutions, design teams, and individual designers recommended by domestic and foreign design authorities, experienced artists or designers can also apply. Participants must ensure that the entries are original, that they have the copyright, personal rights and the property rights of the entries.

2. Self-recommended applicants must send their personal information, resumes, representative works, award-winning experience and other related application materials to the designated mailbox of the competition. The Organizing Committee will review the materials, and send out the invitation if the applicant is qualified. 
Elements of Dunhuang 
Design craftsmanship
Modeling aesthetics
Innovative function
The work must correctly apply Dunhuang decorative aesthetics, demonstrate an understanding of Dunhuang art patterns, and carry out the original and innovative designs. The work must show Dunhuang cultural characteristics and spirit, it must convey the design goals, the cultural awareness, and its profound connotations.
The work should reflect the functionality and operability of the target industry of design, as well as the feasibility of the design application. The design manuscript should accurately explain the materials used, the difficulty of craftsmanship, the extent of refinement and other relevant details, and the suitability and completeness in meeting the needs of the targeted market.
This includes aesthetics and creative expressions such as shape, pattern, material, color, etc.
It should be original work in its creativity, function and material, including design concept, purpose, material technology innovation, appropriateness of use, functionality, convenience, etc.
Categories of works
Based on the Silk Road culture and the Dunhuang art patterns, works are divided into:

1.product design      2.craft art design    3.packaging design design design      6.visual communication design          multimedia design
8. others.
Specifications of works
1. The work must be an original one and must not be copied, imitated or infringed on the intellectual property rights of others. Entries should not have any published, publicized, promoted, or other exhibited records before. And there should not have any disputes on intellectual property rights. In the event of disputes of 6 intellectual property rights, the participants themselves shall bear the corresponding responsibilities.
2. Unfinished designs will not be accepted. Organizers reserve the right to cancel a participant’s application while the manuscripts will not be returned.

3. The work must indicate the source, basis, and ideas of the creative elements.

4. The work for final review must be the original and physical manuscript. Otherwise, the organizer has the right to withdraw the application.

5. The Organizing Committee has the rights to exhibit, publicize and publish the entries. No manuscripts will be returned, applicants should keep a copy of the manuscript to themselves.

Settings of awards
Awards can be left vacant or added depending on the quality of works.
Chang Shana Design Gold Award
Chang Shana Design Pearl Award
Chang Shana Design Creativity Award
Excellent Work Award
Honorary Certificates
The Organizing Committee of the competition invite both the domestic and foreign experts to form the jury, they will be responsible for judging the entries. 

1.The preliminary review will be completed before 15 August, 2021, and 150 participants will be selected for a second review. 

2.The second review will be completed before 16 September, 2021, and 50 participants will be selected for the final review. The Organizing Committee will hold an online voting to elect popular works among these 50 participants. The online voting aims to advertise the award and engage with the public. 

3.The result of online voting will not affect reviews of the award. At the end of October 2021, the final review will be completed and the results will be announced to the public. The number of awards depends on the quality of the entries. 

The Jury has the right to adjust the number of awards (adding, removing or holding vacancies) accordingly.

Reviews of awards
Exhibition and promotion
1. The 50 works selected to the final review will be publicly exhibited by the organizers and the execution unit. Related exhibitions, promotion and other activities will be carried out to continuously advertise the winners and their entries. Participants must agree to exhibit without conditions. 

2. The works entering the final review plan to be exhibited from the beginning of September 2021 to the end of October 2021. Participants are not allowed to retrieve their works. If the time of the exhibition changes, there will be an official announcement on the official website.

Relevant Matters
1. The manuscripts of the winning design belong to the Organizing Committee of the competition and will be archived into the permanent collection of "Chang Shuhong and Chang Shana Dunhuang Art Museum" in the future. Participants must provide the transfer of the property rights of the work, the authorization letter and the certificate of the original work to the Organizing Committee. The ownership of the work belongs to the collection unit, and the collection unit can promote, copy and produce the winning works.

2. All prizes are pre-tax prizes, income tax will be withheld and paid by the competition Organizing Committee in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. 

3. If there is any plagiarism, imitation or infringement on the intellectual property rights of others, the Organizing Committee has the right to revoke the winner’s qualifications and retrieve the prize and honorary certificates. In addition, it has the right to require the applicant to compensate for all losses of property and reputation related to the competition and exhibitions. 

4. The 50 participants entering the final review will receive the "Black Card" issued by the "Chang Shana Design Award" Organizing Committee as a souvenir. The relevant works will be published in the "2021 First China Dunhuang Decorative Art (International) Forum and Chang Shana Design Award Yearbook.” Participants have the opportunity to become future partners of “Chang Shuhong and Chang Shana Dunhuang Art Museum." 

5. The organizers and the execution unit do not undertake the insurance of the works, but only provide the insurance for the exhibition venue. During the period from the final review to the exhibition, if the manuscripts of the entries are discolored, deteriorated, deformed, moth-eaten, or if there are other natural changes or factors due to force majeure, they are not covered by the insurance and the organizer shall not be liable for compensation. 

6. If there are more than two participants for one entry, one of them should be authorized as a representative, and the representative should fill in the application materials, be the contact person and receiver of prize to the Organizing Committee. The distribution of 9 right and interest among the authors of the work shall be resolved by the participants themselves through agreement. 

7. Those who sign up for the competition shall be deemed to agree to abide by the provisions of this “General Regulation” brochure. 

8. The final right of interpretation of this competition belongs to the Organizing Committee. 

* In the event of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

1. The Chang Shana Design Award Jury Committee (hereinafter referred to as the jury) is the only authoritative organization that can review the works of Chang Shana Design Award. 

2. The members of the jury committee should jointly abide by the principles of integrity, fairness and justice, and ensure that there are equal rights of participation for each piece of work. The members of the jury who accept the invitation are deemed to have read the working rules and strictly abide by them. 

3. The members of the jury committee shall jointly abide by the principle of confidentiality, and shall not disclose the review process and personnel, other relevant details or release any information in advance. 

4. The jury committee must have more than two-thirds of the people participating in the reviews. 

5. The members of the jury committee shall conduct the evaluation in accordance with the standards specified by the competition, such as aesthetics, its scientific nature and practicality. 

6. The members of the jury committee shall not accept requests favor the participants, and shall not deliberately add points to a work for personal reasons. 

7. Members of the jury committee are not allowed to participate in the competition, the works under their guidance must be approved by the person in charge of the jury committee. 

8. The members of the jury committee shall abide by the principle of technical protection for all reviewed works, and shall not imitate or publish technical content. 

9. The jury committee has the right to deal with members who violate the rules through corresponding measures. 

In case of inadequacies in these working rules, more than half of the jury committee members can collectively discuss revisions or add content in it. 

 * In the event of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Last updated: January 19, 2021

Working rules of the Jury Committee
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